Frequently asked questions

Is Ella Baby Strollers a US based company?

Yes, Ella Baby Strollers is a US based company; our products are manufactured overseas.

What testing and safety protocols are involved in the production of Ella Baby strollers?

Ella Baby strollers are manufactured to meet and exceed ASTM compliance standards and governmental safety and testing standards.

How do I clean my Ella Baby stroller?

Cleaning the frame: Use warm water and a small towel, then wipe dry. Remove sand and other debris from the frame mechanisms using a soft brush. Clean the foam handle bar with warm soapy water, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Cleaning the fabric: For small messes and daily maintenance, spot clean with a damp cloth. For bigger messes, remove the seat fabric from the frame and hand-wash with a light unabrasive detergent in a tub of lukewarm water. Hang dry.

How long is my Ella Baby warranty valid and what does it cover?

Your Ella Baby warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase. It covers any manufacturing defects given normal wear and use, and given proper operation of the stroller as outlined in the user manual. For questions regarding your warranty or how to submit a claim please submit an inquiry via the Contact page of this site.

Why does my Deluxe contain only one seat frame for the bassinet and stroller seat?

The Ella Baby Deluxe package contains one seat frame which is used to dress the fabric for the bassinet or the child seat as needed. During your baby’s early months you will need to utilize the frame for the bassinet. When your baby outgrows the bassinet, you will need to utilize the seat frame for the stroller seat. A single frame allows you to easily store the fabric when not in use, reducing clutter and excess items for storage.

How can I use a car seat with my Ella Baby Deluxe Travel System?

To use a car seat with your Ella Baby Deluxe or Journey model, you must purchase the Maxi Cosi adapter clips. The adapters snap onto the pins on the side of the stroller frame, allowing your Maxi Cosi infant car seat to be snapped onto the stroller frame.

My Deluxe manual shows a rain cover, why did I not receive one?

The Deluxe package has changed. Originally, the Deluxe package included only a rain cover. The current package includes a diaper bag and foot muff.

How do I convert the Journey pram into a seat?

Begin with the straps on the lower part of the pram/seat assembly. 1. Locate the grommets (metal rings) on the lower straps. Loop the grommets onto the hooks located on the seat frame. 2. After looping the grommets, buckle the straps beneath the seat. 3. Clip and tighten any remaining straps beneath the seat.

Can my bassinet be used as a car seat?

The bassinet unit for your stroller may not be used in place of a car seat. Only a carseat may be used to transport a baby in an automobile. Using the bassinet or anything other than a carseat is dangerous and unlawful.

How do you close the Deluxe or Journey stroller?

The Deluxe/Journey stroller can be folded by simultaneously lifting the saftey locks on the upper part of the stroller and folding the stroller down.

Why do some sites show Ella baby products as Elle Baby?

The Ella Baby brand has undergone a minor transformation from the original Elle Baby brand which includes the new Ella Baby name, logos and marks. This new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our original brand stands for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward. That is why we decided to keep the look and feel our customers are familiar with.
In the process many of our products are still available with the original name and marks and will continue to be sold until depleted.