Limited Warranty

When you purchase a new, unused Ella Baby Stroller product you are entitled to receive a product free from any manufacturing defects in the frame, chassis, wheels, materials, seams, zippers, harnesses or operational mechanisms for a period of one year from the date the product was purchased.

A sales receipt is required for proof of purchase when submitting any warranty claims. Your proof of purchase must show you as the original purchaser of the product.

If upon reviewing your claim we find that a manufacturing defect exists with your Ella Baby Strollers product we will at our sole discretion either repair or replace the part or product at no charge to you.

We will not honor any claims and damage as a result of normal wear and use, misuse, neglect, abuse, failure to follow instructions per the operational manual, alterations, improper maintenance, storage, or cleaning.


We will not honor any claims and damage as a result of an accident, freight or air transportation.

For warranty service or replacement part information:

Please call (888) 397-0344 or send an email to .

To submit a claim for service, you must be able to provide a completed Warranty Claim Form, a copy of the purchase receipt, and the product and/or photographs of the product or part which is defective.