Choosing a Baby Stroller Without Breaking the Budget

Preparing for baby’s arrival can be mentally overwhelming, as you tick off items that are needed prior to the birth. If #pregnancy hormones have you feeling fatigued now, lack of sleep and post-birth recovery is going to require as little inconvenience as possible, including your #baby stroller. Here is a list of essentials that should be considered when selecting a #pram to suit your needs:


Your baby’s safety is first priority, and a good quality baby stroller or pram should be ASTM-certified. This means that a minimum set of standards and testing has been applied to the stroller, and experts have deemed it safe for baby and mom to enjoy.


Your body is recovering from a major, long-term disruption, and as your muscles return to normalcy, you’ll need to be gentle with yourself. A heavy baby stroller can place strain on your core and back muscles, even resulting in painful injuries - we recommend considering your own personal health and strength and making sure that the pram you choose doesn’t exceed your capabilities.


Baby strollers are notoriously clumsy to navigate through mall aisles, doorways, around corners, and they can be difficult to fit into your car or onto the bus. Consider where you’ll be taking baby most, and if you expect to encounter some tight spaces regularly, a streamlined baby stroller like the Ella Baby Versa would suit your lifestyle better than a chunky stroller.

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Ella Baby Versa, Weighs under 20 lbs, Folds in 3 seconds flat.


No young mother wants to be fumbling with a baby stroller frame while baby waits, hot and screaming, in his car seat. Some stroller frames are over-complicated; shop around for something that’s been designed for a flustered new mother to manage in the most trying of circumstances.

Terrain and Usage

Each mother’s daily #lifestyle is different. While one may stroll the mall for hours, another may enjoy walks in the countryside. Another yet might take brisk jog through the park. These are important factors to consider when choosing a baby stroller, as the design - and specifically the wheels - are tailored to different terrains and different paces.


Since a baby stroller is one of your biggest investments into new baby’s many, many accessories, it makes sense that you want to get some serious mileage out of it. We recommend choosing a pram, or baby #stroller, that is designed to transport baby well into his toddler years, when those little legs get tired of walking.


While this may not be imperative, we wouldn’t blame you for being a little indulgent about how your baby stroller looks in action. Every mother wants to be an Insta-mom! The Ella Baby strollers and prams are a chic brand, offering a refined, beautiful pram design that looks good on any mom - without breaking the #budget.

There Is No Perfect Baby Stroller

… but some come pretty close! As every family is so different, choosing the right baby stroller is a deeply personal decision, with no right or wrong answer. Get in touch with the Ella Baby team to chat about a baby stroller ideally for you!