Am I the right fit for online personal training?

Our online training program is available for beginner trainees right the way up the the very experienced athletes. We take into consideration the current level and experience of our clients before building their programs. As an experienced team of trainers, we know the importance of exercises progression as well as regression. All of our programs are set to the specific levels and needs of each individual client and progressed at the right level for each client.

Will I be able to train at home?

Training at home with our online program works very well, the design of the program will be matched to the equipment that you have available to you. You don’t need lost of space and we very happy with the progress our online client get when training from home.

What workout equipment will I need?

We are happy for you to start with the bare minimum such as body weight training, ideally we would then like to incorporate more resistance from either dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands. If you have no equipment to begin with, we will find creative ways to make your workouts challenging.

How does the check-in process work?

The check-in process will be a series of questions dedicated to any barriers you may be facing. we use this process to identify things you are struggling with and find ways to help you overcome them. This type of client and trainer communication allows us to refine our programming to ensure you make progress. We also like to have calls with our clients to further explain and educate them on topics which will help them understand how to overcome any problems they may encounter.

When do the training programs get updated?

we update client programs every 4-6 weeks, for beginners you may spend more time on a given training plan to help you learn the movements and to help perfect you technique.

Do you take on clients with medical conditions or injuries?

There is no real limitation on the clients that we take on, our highly knowledgeable personal trainers are very capable of designing programs for clients with specific needs and requirements. We have an extensive network of fitness professionals that we work with, this allows us to effectively cater to as many clients needs as possible.

Are the diet plans suitable for everyone?

The nutrition plans that we provide are suitable for, vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. From our initial consultation we will use the information provided to ensure your nutrition guide is suited to both your goal an lifestyle.

How do I communicate with my trainer?

You can communicate with your trainer at any time, your dedicated online coach will have scheduled times to respond to your questions, which is always within 24 hours.


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